international trade develops rapidly



Relying on the superior geographical advantages, resources and policy advantages, it makes full use of the capital city radiation function, forming a modern service industry with three functions as the development direction, namely bonded processing, bonded logistics, international trade. Jinan Comprehensive Bonded Zone actively engages in the construction of CJK (China, Japan, and South Korea) free trade zone, continuously deepens cooperation with international companies in the fields of trade, science and technology, and promotes preferential policies in the boned zone to advance. Currently, Jinan Comprehensive Bonded Zone has "international commodity trading center," "imported goods bonded exhibition and trade center" and "cross-border e-commerce trading platform", and has a complete and mature operational processes in logistics and warehousing. Relying on the three major international trade platforms, it adopts various modes like "function + window", "shop in front + warehouse behind", "physical stores + online store", to create an international platform for well-known goods trade.

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